Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thank You for the Nominations

I appreciate my fellow innovators who have nominated me from their respective organizations including the world's leading software and technology company for the following awards. It is truly an honor to be recognized and nominated for such prestigious awards.

2007 Innovator Award Nominee: "Wildfire America with Bill Johns"

Innovator Award

Each year, Southern Growth Policies Board honors Southern initiatives that are improving the quality of life in the region. The 2007 Innovator Awards will be chosen from initiatives that address workforce development challenges in the region.

Southern Growth Policies
Board is a non-partisan public policy think tank based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Formed by the region's governors in 1971, Southern Growth Policies Board develops and advances visionary economic development policies by providing a forum for partnership and dialog among a diverse cross-section of the region's governors, legislators, business and academic leaders and the economic- and community-development sectors. This unique public-private partnership is devoted to strengthening the South's economy and creating the highest possible quality of life.

2006 Postma Young Professionals Award Nominee: Bill Johns

Postma Young Professional Award

The Postma Young Professional Medal was created in memory of Dr. Herman Postma and in honor of Dr. Pat Postma. This award was announced at the Dr. Herman Postma Memorial Solway Bridge Dedication ceremony on June 17, 2005. Its purpose is to recognize, appreciate, and reward the accomplishments of young professionals who make an impact and foster a community culture. This new annual award will be given in conjunction with the Muddy Boot Award at the ETEC Annual Meeting.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Welcome to the official blog of Innovation Valley - Nanotech topics that technologists, entrepreneurs, evangelists, public administrators, students, media/communication specialists, and concerned citizens will find interesting about the East Tennessee community and its development.

This blog serves as a focal point for educating the public on the history and current situation of the Knoxville, Tennessee region and its potential of becoming a creative city™ as described in The Technology Corridor Hierarchy™. This blog will examine the social, economic, political, and leadership structures of the region while examining the area's infrastructure and service offerings (public, private, not-for-profit).

Likewise, this blog will provide benchmarking, propose business and public administration models, and examine specific organizations and their respected leadership who are providing value to the Knoxville region while exposing those organizations and their respected leaders who are not. This blog is not friendly to bureaucratic organizations and/or bureaucrats!